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GET READY FOR THE COLLEGE ADVENTURE AHEAD!  Whether you’re a student or a parent there are BIG changes coming your way. Like anything new, there will be lots of unexpected surprises along the way.  I’m going to help you know what MOST students & parents NEVER see coming. This year I’m hosting 5 LIVE online events and monthly LIVE Q & A sessions for students and parents. There’s so much you NEED to know…  Let’s get started!

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5 Simple Rules for College Parents

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EVENT #1  | Presented LIVE in June & August
17 Things You NEED to Do Before Going to College

EVENT #2 | Presented Live in June & August
5 Simple Rules for College Parents

EVENT #3 | Presented Live in July
7 Money MUST DOs for College Students & Parents

EVENT #4 | Presented Live in August
 College After Dark (dating, relationships, alcohol, safety)

EVENT #5 | Presented Live in September
Dream It, Believe It, Make It Happen in College

MONTHLY LIVE Q&A WITH HARLAN | June through December ’18
Ask LIVE or send questions (Harlan will answer during the session)



I’m Harlan Cohen, New York Times bestselling author of the #1 book on college life and America’s Top College Life Expert. I help students and parents ease anxiety and navigate change. I call it getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. It all started after my first year in college.  I never saw it coming.  No one told me college could be so uncomfortable. I struggled to make new friends. I had a hard time getting involved. I didn’t know how to create a life for myself. I got impatient. Eventually, I transferred.  I wasted time and emotion. It cost me an extra semester of college.  I soon realized that I wasn’t alone. Over the past 20 years, I’ve written books on college life, spoken on over 500 college campuses, and helped millions of students, parents, and educators ease anxiety and simplify life in college. I’m grateful to be in your corner.

MY BOOKS: The Naked Roommate is the #1 book on college life (800,000+ copies in print). It’s used as a textbook in high school and college classrooms around the world. The Naked Roommate for Parents Only is the go-to-book for parents and is recommended by top institutions.  The Naked Roommate’s First Year Survival Workbook is used in high school and college classrooms to help students prepare, plan, and navigate all the changes ahead.

FACT: Millions of students will struggle their first year college and most have no idea it will happen to them.


  • 1 in 4 first year college students will NOT return to the same school 
  • 66% of first year students admit feeling homesick or lonely
  • 51% of first year students admit having problems getting along with roommates
  • 36.7 % of college students report feeling so depressed “it was difficult to function”
  • 51.1% of ALL college students admitted feeling hopeless over the past 12 months

(Source: HERI data and ACHA-NCHA assessment)

High school gets students into college, but it doesn’t prepare them for what’s next.  

BEST FIRST YEAR saves students & their parents time, energy, and money.  Struggling, searching for answers, and transferring is time consuming, exhausting and expensive.


HOW IT WORKS: Harlan is will be hosting 5 LIVE online COLLEGE LAUNCH events in the spring, summer, and fall.  Your ALL-ACCESS pass gets you a ticket to all LIVE events,  replays, and monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with Harlan. You will also get instant access to tons of bonus materials.

EVENT #1: 17 Things You Need to Do Before Going to College

COLLEGE LIFE: It’s EVERYTHING they NEVER tell you in high school.  Harlan delivers a cheat sheet to help you prepare and plan for everything and anything in college. Students and parents are welcome!   > All-Access Pass Required

EVENT #2: 7 MONEY MUST DOs for Students and Their Parents

FINANCES: Harlan’s going to help you save now, spend less, and graduate with no BIG financial surprises.  No one likes financial surprises (unless it’s winning the lottery).  > All-Access Pass Required

EVENT #3: Five Simple Rules For Parents of College Students

PARENTING: Harlan helps parents know what’s coming and how to be the best partner during the college years.  Parents are more involved and need to know more.   > WATCH REPLAY

EVENT #4: College After Dark

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Harlan talks dating, relationships, hooking up, drinking, drugs, and staying safe on campus.  There’s no judgment here, just facts, stats, and tools to help you stay safe.  Students and parents are welcome!
> All-Access Pass Required

EVENT #5: Dream It, Believe It, Make It Happen

LEADERSHIP: What’s do you want to happen this year in college?  How will you make it happen? Are you prepared for the unexpected surprises along the way? Harlan delivers a step-by-step approach to help plan and create their first year in college.   > All-Access Pass Required


BONUS: LIVE Q & A Online Event w/Harlan (Summer '18)

Join Harlan for an exclusive online event in the fall.  This Q&A is designed to answer all your questions and concerns.  Perfect timing for students and parents with questions.

BONUS: Workbook Exercises, Roommate Contract, Resources

Get exercises from Harlan’s workbook, a roommate contract, and additional materials to help make the transition and navigate through the surprises along the way. These are the same tools used in college classrooms across the country.

BONUS VIDEOS: 50+ Video Lessons for Parents and Students

Use theses short video lessons throughout the year to prepare, plan, and navigate life in college.

Sample student video:


High School & College Students

Eager, excited, and sometimes anxious students heading to college


Caring and concerned parents who want their kids to be their best

Counselors & Educators

Counselors and educators who work with high school or college students

“ helps students and parents navigate the social, emotional, physical, financial, and academic changes ahead. It’s everything you need to know to help get comfortable with the uncomfortable and have the best first year in college.”  

– Harlan Cohen

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